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About Ability Fitness Center

Ability Fitness is thrilled to announce its plans to partner with a private school in Leesburg Virginia, to build a therapeutic fitness, wellness, and arts center for the physically challenged in Northern Virginia. Our new home will be a state-of-the-art facility that will provide innovative interventions for those in need. With your continued support, our facility will be open in 2016!

The next time you stand up, think about your neighbors who cannot. Please help us help them improve health and well-being through this gift of therapeutic exercise. Hundreds of commercial gyms and therapy centers dot Northern Virginia/greater DC area, but none are both affordable and able to meet the special needs of the physically challenged. Even those that are lucky enough to have insurance or Medicaid are typically only allowed between 10 and 30 therapy visits per year. They, more than anyone, need exercise daily to maintain their health, and, this exercise often requires the assistance of a physical therapist or trained technicians. To Loudoun residents, Rob Wall and Freddie Hetzel, experience dramatic physical improvements and improved overall health when they participated in therapeutic exercise programs in other states. We plan to help them, and others, like Purcellville’s Billy Grey, who was paralyzed in 1989, obtain the benefits of therapeutic exercise without having to leave their homes and families. And, perhaps you know others who have suffered a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, or those who struggle daily with autism, amputation, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or other neurological and physical disorders.

Your contribution will be used to purchase state-of-the-art specialized equipment necessary for this facility to become an accredited member of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation’s NeuroRecovery Network. This will bring not only exercise opportunities for the physically challenged in the National Capital Region, but also supply research to a consortium of scientists who are working on therapies and interventions to improve and extend the lives of individuals devastated by paralysis. If you wish to honor a loved one, or express your own commitment to this cause naming dedications are available for certain equipment as well as recognition within our soon-to-be constructed facility.

As you do your year-end tax planning, please think Ability Fitness. Your generosity will enable others who are less fortunate to minimize the health risks of a sedentary life or degenerative condition and to maximize health and physical function through exercise.

Freddie Hetzel
Vice President of Land Acquisition

Ability Fitness Center strives to improve the quality of ‘life’ for the physically challenged with its dedication to providing accessible therapies tailored towards the special needs of those living with paralysis, stroke, Parkinson’s or other physical impairments.

The Barns at Paxton

Paxton Campus is raising $7 million to repurpose old barns and build new ones into the Barns of Paxton, a unique space creating opportunities for people with disabilities through The Arts, Fitness and Wellness. The Barns of Paxton is our community’s collective investment for much needed services for people with disabilities and their families.



Believe in us, because we fill the unmet needs.

Fill Unmet Needs

Providing educational and recreational opportunities, supports and other services. We have a proven track record that shows our strong ties in our community, our sustainable growth and the growing need of supports in our community for people with disabilities.


Believe in Us, Because We Reach for the Stars.

Reach For The Stars

We are creating a series of spaces that incorporate five buildings, an outdoor courtyard, and gardens on Paxton’s 17-acre campus in historic Leesburg, Virginia with a modern, unique place, fully ADA accessible, incorporating The Arts, Fitness and Wellness.


Believe In Us, Because We Succeed

We Succeed

The Barns of Paxton will serve individuals with disabilities through a range of direct services and support programs. Our impact will be instrumental in improving the quality of life for many in our community with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities.